Bruno Santos, from 4 ESO-A, wins the first «Guess who» championship

The 15 years old student from La Laboral beat Óscar Castro, from 4 ESO-B, in a thrilling final played in front of all of his classmates. Both groups, 4-A and 4-B created its own «Guess who» boards as part of an activity developed in the English class in order to work the present simple and present continuous tenses

Bruno Santos (sitting down on the left) and Lucía Maeso (on the right) during the 4-A «Guess who» final

Alba Benedicto, (4 ESO-A) La Laboral

After several days of competition, Bruno Santos has become the first ever winner of the «Guess who» tournament celebrated at the IES La Laboral. The 15 years old student from 4 ESO-A beat Óscar Castro, from 4 ESO-B, at the big final, which was played in front of all of our classmates.

A few days ago, our students from 4 ESO played a fascinating who is who tournament that lasted two weeks. The cardboards were even made by them, taking pictures of themselves doing common activities or wearing typical clothes such as: a hoodie, a hat, a face mask, etc., so the characters were the students themselves! This was intended to work both the present simple and the present continuous tenses while practicing the speaking skill.

Sarah Salcedo and Óscar Castro faced off in the 4-B final

All the students brought their cardboards to class in a tournament between the two classes which had Bruno Santos and Óscar Castro as A and B winners. They defeated their classmates round by round, leaving Lucía Maeso and Sarah Salcedo at the gates of the big final.

They all brought their cardboards and Fernando Alduán, the English teacher, organized knockout matches with a web that decided it randomly. 

All of these matches were done in the hour itself, some people won and went to the next round, and those who lost, kept there watching their friends playing highly competitive matches.

Everyone was part of this amazing activity

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