Being famous: for and against

In times of TikTok and Instagram, where everyone can achieve success from home, ones and others have at least thought of being famous once in their lifetime. However, not all that glitters is gold. Here you have four different essays in which their authors express their view about the advantages and disadvantages of being famous, as part of a task carried out by Juan José Martín, their English teacher

From left to right: Lucía valero (2º CTA), Aroha Torres, Elena Velázquez and Lara Cortes (2º CTB)

Elena Velázquez (2º CTB)

«Nowadays, the concept ‘famous’ has appeared to classify certain people who are widely known to large
masses of people. This desired-by-most lifestyle raises up important questions such as what does this
entitlement entail? Or what must be taken into consideration?
For starters, hitting it big and becoming famous has been shown to be a financially valuable and therefore
a healthy and stable lifestyle. This provides more freedom of movement and decision-making freedom for
the person directly affected by the repercussions of being famous. Also, even though fame brings
enormous amounts of wealth compared to an everyday salary, famous people still get special treatment
wherever they go just because of their status.
But contrary to most beliefs, being well-known also has significant disadvantages that need to be taken
into account. As a public reference, celebrities must constantly keep their figure so as not to get
constantly called into question. This can leave no room for the concept of privacy and also lead to
psychological problems and excessive self-awareness. Furthermore, this constant state of being watched
can pull relatives and close friends away, leaving selfish and unwanted people with plenty of room for
Taking all of this into consideration, fame can grant a solved and mostly happy lifestyle, but if not
handled wisely it can become a really heavy load».

Laura Cortés (2º CTB)

«Over the years being famous has become essential for some people to be happy. They need millions of
people following them on social media. But would you be happy if millions of people were watching you
24 hours a day?
On the one hand, many celebrities like influencers on Instagram take advantage of having a lot of
followers whose lives they can impact in a positive way. Besides, for many guys, influencers are people
that they look up to, and thus learn from them what is really right or wrong. Furthermore, some famous
people speak without taboos or about sensitive issues. Such as eating disorders they suffer, and show
that guys do not have to be exactly like them. They should be happy on the way they are and not look for
the ideal in someone else.
On the other hand, many famous people take advantage of their position of power in the eyes of others
and use it in a negative way. Moreover, you have a paparazzi following you 24 hours a day to be on the
cover of a magazine or to know who you hang up with. That is why many decide to leave social media,
because many people do not respect them.
To sum up, if celebrities use their authority in front of people, they can show a reality that often goes
unseen. And make people aware of the negative side of fame».

A closer look to our writers

Lucía Valero (2º CTA)

«Being famous is one of the most common dreams nowadays. We have all imagined ourselves being
famous, watching ourselves on TV and the news and being rich. Some people succeed, maybe with hard
work or maybe with a stroke of luck. But being in the spotlight, getting to the top, and staying there, is
something really difficult to cope with. Not everyone knows how to deal with it correctly. However, being
famous has its own good points. Therefore, what are the pros and cons of fame?
On the one hand, being famous gives you many good experiences like meeting people, having fans,
helping people, making a difference, traveling around the world, being prestigious and a whole life full of
comfort, luxuries and whims. And one of the most common reasons people want to be famous is to be
able to live without financial problems: fame gives you a stable economy.
On the other hand, not everything is money and fun. Famous people have big responsibilities on their
shoulders with fans and the companies they work with. They have to work a lot, face daily stress and
tight schedules, know that they would not be able to see their family and friends, have no healthy social
life, take lots of care of themselves, avoid paparazzi, etc. Their lives are always exposed, since they
usually do not have a private life; and if they have, they need to be careful to keep it a secret and away
from cameras.
To sum up, psychologically, it is really hard, and eventually it takes a toll. Some people have the
tendency to fall into alcohol or drugs, or develop mental problems. Everything is perfect until you see
yourself everywhere and people start to expect the best from you. So, if you want to be famous, you
must take care of yourself physically and psychologically, and know how to follow this stressful life. The
key is to have a balanced life».

Aroha Torres (2º CTB)

«Is being famous as great as it sounds? Being an important or a public person can be a
dream for some people that want to become famous. But it has some things you will realize
over time.
On the one hand, for example, if you are a singer and you make a huge hit, it can make you
earn a lot of money. Moreover, it will give you the chance of meeting a lot of popular people.

On the other hand, as a matter of fact, you will not have free time. Likewise, it is hard to
avoid paparazzi. Therefore, all people know your personal things. That is why maybe you
can not stand it and suffer a breakdown.
In conclusion, being famous has a lot of advantages and wonderful things and opportunities,
nevertheless it takes a toll».

As you can see, being famous involves much more than we might previously consider. Taking this into account though, would you enter this world in if you had the opportunity? Let us hear your thoughts!

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