A tale from Los Silos

Bruno Santos, Miguel Alonso, Ismael Hernández, Sarah Salcedo and María Vargas, from 2 ESO-A

Last year, on the 5th of December, the students from 2 ESO-A belonging to the ‘book club’: Bruno, Miguel, Sarah, Ismael and María went to Los Silos with Ana and María Muñoz for a book festival. 

Sarah Salcedo/María Vargas (2 ESO-A), Los Silos.

First, we took a bus to Icod, then a taxi picked us up and took us to a house in El Tanque. At night, we went for a walk around the village. It was so beautiful! 

We slept in the house and the next day we woke up early packed our suitcases. After that we got dressed and then another taxi took us to Los Silos. 

All the streets were decorated with books or stories. People in Los Silos were very kind to us. They gave us food, and some read us fairy tales. We really liked it!

Then we decided to do some activities. First, we went to a bookstore to choose a book to read this term for the book club. We decided to read “Cuentos de terror en la boca del túnel”. Then we went to a story teller, but it was inside a bus! All his stories were amazing! After that, we went to a rap battle. It was so funny, and the boys were very kind to us. We took a picture with them! Finally we went to have lunch and when we finished we went back to La Laguna. This was an incredible experience, we want to come back! >>

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